Totally Epic WINNERS!!!


Before I announce the winners of Roni and Julie's Totally Epic Summer Contest, I want to thank each and every one of you who entered and pimped this thing all over the internet.  Y'all were awesome!  I hope that beyond the prizes, you all enjoyed the interviews as well.  And speaking of interviews, thanks again to all the publishing professionals who granted us interviews and generously offered prizes.  And thanks to Julie for sharing the contest with me!


And just to remind you guys, here's what was up for grabs...


  • Hannah Moskowitz's Break

  • Lisa Desrocher's Personal Demons (ARC)

  • A query or first five pages critique from Fine Print Lit's intern, Gemma Cooper

  • A query or first five pages critique from Janet Reid's assistant, Meredith Barnes

  • A query or first five pages critique from agent Suzie Townsend

  • A query or first five pages critique from editor Brendan Deneen

    For those wanting to know the details of how winners were selected.   Here you go:  There were 991 entries (164 people, but each did a number of things to earn unique entries.)  Each entry was assigned a number, then I fed the numbers into, which gave me the winners:
    Random Integer Generator


    Here are your random integers, generated without replacement:



    Timestamp: 2010-08-09 12:46:56 UTC


    And who were the lucky owners of each of those numbers????


    Congratulations to the winners!  I will be emailing you over the next few days so that you can select your prize.


    Also, because we were so grateful for all the promoting you guys did, we tossed the names of the people who earned ten points or more during the contest into a drawing for a honorable mention prize--a query or 5 pg. crit from me or Julie.  The winners of the "Best Pimp" prizes are:


    • Julie Ann Lindsey
    • Jessica Brooks

    Alright, that's all I've got for you today!  Join me in congratulating the winners and be sure to stop by tomorrow.  I'll be starting a series of blogs on the workshops and things I learned at RWA Nationals!



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