A Space for Writing (and why IKEA loves me)


I apologize that I'm late getting my post up today, but I've been taking care of the finishing touches on my newly organized, re-decorated writing room! (And I use the term re-decorated very loosely because that would imply that this thing was decorated in the first place.)


So in my new year's get-it-together-mode, one of the things I wanted to do was get my house back in order and add some finishing touches. We're famous for buying things like curtains and pictures then never hanging them. And top on the list was revamping our office space. For about a year, this room has been that catch-all room where everything goes to die. You know like a junk drawer but room-sized. And every time I walked into it, I just felt weighted down--by papers, by clutter, by the daunting task of going through it all.

Well this week I decided no more. My husband and I have sorted and trashed and moved and lifted. We've been to IKEA more times than I care to count (especially when it's an hour drive each way--bleh). We've built bookcases and hung curtains and art. We are very sore. But I am very happy.

I think this is a step in me saying, "Yes, I'm a professional writer. I have a real space dedicated to it. And look I even have files for like taxes and craft articles and stuff." *nods and smiles proudly*

So, behold the pictures. I would give you a before picture, but a) I forgot to do that and b) it'd be too embarrassing anyway. Just picture one of those Oprah shows where the Got Junk? trucks show up.

You can click on the pics to see bigger views if you'd like.



My kidlet's "writing" desk


Bookcase one


Bookcase two (and Guitar Hero drums)

*deep breath* So glad it's all done. Now I need a massage and a drink.


So what's your writing space like? Do you have a catch-all room/space? And am I the only one who gets lost in IKEA no matter how many times I've been there?

**Don't forget to stop by next week. I'm doing a series on queries and have some great guest posters and prizes!**