My Squeeful News!

I'm running behind today because kidlet has to go to the doctor, so Fill-Me-In Friday will be up later. But I just had to share my awesomely terrific news with you guys.


I sold two more books! Squee! My books are now officially The Loving on the Edge series. So four books plus one ebook novella will be out over the next two years! *dances*

Here's the official announcement from Publisher's Marketplace:

Roni Loren's third and fourth contemporary eroticromance novels in her Loving on the Edge series, following the upcoming CRASHINTO YOU, to KateSeaver at BerkleyHeat, in a nice deal, in a two-book deal, for publication in 2013, by SaraMegibow at NelsonLiterary Agency (World English). Translation:

I'm still a little stunned. A little over a year ago I was querying. Now I have five books to look forward to. I'm so, so thankful and excited.

*off to do another happy dance* (and to take kidlet to the doctor). Links post coming later, promise. :)

"Hot and romantic, with an edge of suspense that will keep you entertained.” --Shayla Black, New York Times Bestselling author of SURRENDER TO ME



CRASH INTO YOU is now available for pre-order!

Read an excerpt here.

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