Writing In Flow - Burning Questions Answered


Today I'm answering burning questions over at Beverly Diehl's Writing in Flow blog. I'd love for y'all to stop by and comment.


Here are some of the questions I'm answering:


  • You got your agent - and book deal - through being a fabulous writer, obviously, but also through building an online presence and networking.  Let’s say someone is old school - they have a great novel which has been polished like a diamond, but they have ZERO online presence.  With your knowledge of the publishing world today, would you advise them to go ahead and start querying, then begin building their online presence while waiting for replies?  Or, in your opinion, would it be wiser to perhaps invest six months to a year in building a platform, before querying?
  • Your writing schedule - do you write every day?  Write steadily, then blog, then Twitter breaks, or check your e-mail first, or is it all dogpiled together?
  • Although your blog is PG-13, you write dark erotic suspense material, and you’re open about using your own name and photo, not a pseudonym.  Tell us about the thought process that went into that decision, and how your (extended) family feels about it.


Hope to see you over there! :)


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