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It's time again for our new feature where I try to find some of the best links of the week you may have missed and pass them along to you.


On the Web...

The Trials and Tribulations of the Modern Day Writer by Chuck Wendig including such advice as "Write More, Word Slave" and why writers needs to be like Great White Honeysharks. (See, don't you want to know what that is now?)

Ten Suggestions For Authors on Twitter from the perspective of a reader by May over at Smexy Books - Love to hear what readers hope to see from authors on Twitter

Writers and Doubt (and why it's a good thing) by James Scott Bell at The Kill Zone

The Importance of Knowing and Writing for our Target Readers by Jody Hedlund

What Readers Won't Miss About Corporate Publishers by Anne R. Allen - Now, I'm not one who thinks the big publishers are just going to collapse into oblivion anytime soon. I think the whole industry is changing and with that comes some good things and some bad things. But what I like about Anne's post is the point that with the boom in self-publishing, genres that are considered "out of style" will have a chance again. Anne selects the top genres she looks forward to seeing making a comeback.

Ellora's Cave (one of the biggest digital-first publishers of erotic romance) is planning to launch a line for men. This is super fascinating to me because I'm always so interested in how the male and female minds work differently. The comments from guys on the post were pretty insightful too. I'll be interested to see if this line is successful and will definitely pick up a few of the books once they come out to see how they differ from the female-centric stories.

Creative Kryptonite and the Death of Productivity by Jonathan Fields - What all this multi-tasking, tweeting, facebooking, emailing is doing to our brains and how it can hurt our ability to create.

What You Missed on the Author Blog...


(my response to a comment on my post on Wednesday about writing fast to build a career)
*and then in response to THAT post, Geoffrey Young Haney responded in his own post

So thoughts on any of these? And it's your turn to fill ME in, what are some of your favorite links from the week? Have a great weekend!


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