Fill-Me-In Friday


Time for another edition of Fill-Me-In Friday where I share some of my fave links from the week.


From the Blogosphere:

List of Authors on Google + by RK Charron - I resisted opening up a google + page, but it seems people are flooding over there, so I joined. It's pretty cool, more like Facebook than Twitter, but with some added features. So anyway, if you'd like to start building your writer circle over there, here's a good list to start with. :)

Jamie Gold asks What's Your Blogging Style? - and explains why short blog posts aren't necessarily better. (Thank God since I can't seem to write a short blog post.)

Jody Hedlund asks What Is a Blogger's Role in Responding to Comments? - This post relieved some of the guilt I feel about not having time to respond in the comments lately. I think her approach and way of looking at it is a good one. And just know that on those days that I don't respond in the comments, be assured I am reading each and every comment. I love hearing everyone's opinions and thoughts.

Author Elizabeth Silver over at Dirty Birdies shares useful tips on how to have a successful writing partnership (i.e. co-writing a book with someone else). Fair Warning: The excerpt used as an example contains explicit material.

Jamie Wesley talks about Already Missing Borders and what her book-buying options are now. - I feel her pain. Borders was my preferred store as well. :(  And on that same note here is the Simplest, Clearest Explanation You'll Find of How Borders Closing Affects the Book Industry

And now that we're depressed about our bookstores closing, here are some Weekly Deals via Dear Author on ebooks: 29+ Books Under 2.99 and some FREE (including freebies from some of my fave authors like Lauren Dane, woot). I downloaded more than I needed to from this post. (If you need a recommendation from the list Fantasy Lover by Sherrilyn Kenyon is FABulous and a steal at 2.99.)

Kristen Lamb Gives Us 10 Tips for Blogging Awesomeness.

Thought-provoking post by Allison Brennan on why she thinks Twitter/Facebook/Blogging doesn't sell books and that authors shouldn't be pressured to be on social media. Also worth reading the comments where she and Kristen Lamb discuss their opposing viewpoints. : )

For laughs: Sierra Godfrey responds to a Nigerian scammer with a form rejection.

Looking for a crit partner? Check out Ladies Who Critique a new website about to launch to help you find your critter match. : )

What You Missed on the Author Blog This Week:


(my response to the Nathan Bransford self-promo kerfuffle)


So now it's your turn to fill us in, what was your fave link of the week? 

Have a great weekend everyone!

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