A #SixSunday Excerpt from Grant's Story

Today I'm sharing a snippet from my current work in progress, book 3 in The Loving on the Edge series. Grant is the owner of the BDSM retreat (The Ranch) that plays a prominent role in my books.

EXCERPT from Book 3 (untitled) (Copyright 2011, Roni Loren, All Rights Reserved, The Berkley Publishing Group)

Setup: Grant's in a honky-tonk bar trying to track down the heroine and some guy bumps into him and tries to pick a fight.


This is why he avoided places like this. There was always some jerkoff trying to impress a woman by looking like a badass. He’d love to see a guy like this try to survive one night at The Ranch. The submissives would smell that false bravado from a mile away, and the Dommes would line up to cure him of it.

Grant tipped the brim of his hat up and looked down at the guy. “You say something, hoss?”


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