Fill Me In Friday - Best Writing Links of the Week

Wow, it's been quite a week...or month rather. You ever have one of those months where the universe seems to have set you up in a dunk tank? You know, keeps lobbing balls at your target just to see how many times you can fall in the water without drowning? Well, anyway, that was March for me. Someone toss me a life raft, would ya?

On a related note, this week I've been under deadline (book's due next week) and have written almost 10k words. This means I haven't been able to stop by all my favorite blog haunts, so the list is a little shorter than usual. But I do have a few great ones for you to check out. Hope you enjoy. :)


On Writing/Publishing/Blogging:

Branding for Writers: An Essential Step to Building Your Author Platform | The Creative Penn

Writing 50,000 Inimitable Smiles by Margie Lawson | Jenny Hansen's Blog - LOVE Margie Lawson's stuff. You should all go check out her lecture packets. They are ridiculously awesome.

Unhitch Your Wagon from the Stars | Rachelle Gardner - THIS. I had to learn this lesson quickly when CRASH came out.

Do You Have a Thick Skin? | Rachelle Gardner - I don't, I've come to accept that and it's nice hearing that it's okay

What Is an Author’s Marketing Responsibility With a Traditional Publisher? | Jane Friedman

7 Steps to a Better Blog « DIY MFA

Author, Jody Hedlund: How Can Modern Writers Become & Stay Visible?

Beth Revis: The Top Three Things You've Learned

Blog Tours: The Good – The Bad – The Ugly | Writers In The Storm Blog

“Do You Know the Two Ingredients in a Perfect Ending?” by K.M. Weiland on Wordplay


What You May Have Missed Here:

Cover Reveal for STILL INTO YOU!



Made of Win Monday: Frozen Planet



Boyfriend of the Week: American Idol Edition



Are You Hiding Behind a Wall on Your Blog?



An Excerpt From FALL INTO YOU


So that's what I've got, what were some of your favorite links this week? Hope you all have a great weekend!