Fill-Me-In Friday: Best Publishing Links of the Week


Did I miss the train?

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 Need to catch up? It's that time of the week again--round up day.

But first, a quick reminder that if you're at DFWCon this weekend, I'll be teaching two workshops (How To Write Love Scenes and Erotic Romance 101), so I'd love if you checked them out. I'll be giving out a "Why Does This Love Scene Suck?" checklist and possibly a book or two, so how can you pass that up? :) 

AND, if you didn't see the annoucement on Twitter, I sorta sold another novella this week. So yay! From Publisher's Marketplace:

National Bestselling Author Roni Loren's NOT UNTIL YOU, the next in her Loving on the Edge series, to Kate Seaver at Berkley Heat, for publication in 2013, by Sara Megibow at Nelson Literary Agency (World English). 

Alright, enough about me, now for the good stuff...

Writing and Publishing:

33 things to do when you are feeling a bit angry with your novel via YA Highway

On The Privilege Of Being A Writer via Chuck Wendig

Kate Hart: Uncovering YA Covers: 2011 <--really interesting stats and cool graphics

Author, Jody Hedlund: Everyone Gets Jealous, Even Published Authors

Jungle Red Writers: Control Your Social Media So It Doesn't Control You by Elizabeth Craig

When Self-Publishing Is More Useful As a Marketing Tool | Jane Friedman

Copyright Terms Should Be Shorter via Dear Author

The Correct Way To Share | Kait Nolan <--great post about re-blogging etiquette

In E-Reader Age of Writer’s Cramp, a Book a Year Is Slacking - <--This has definitely been my experience so far

A tale of two royalty statements « Courtney Milan’s Blog

5 Undying Myths About Published Writers And Their Eerie Powers via Warrior Poet

Keep Money in Its Place - Rachelle Gardner <--on not counting on publishing a book to get you out of a financial crunch

The Intern: Publishers Weekly: The Deals You Don't See


On Other Stuff:

Tim Gunn and me via Janet Reid

MANday: Rugby | Jillian Dodd

What You May Have Missed Here:


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Alright, that's all I've got for the week. Hope you have a great weekend!