Fill-Me-In Friday: Best Writing Links of the Week!


Did I miss the train?

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Busy week? Need to catch up? It's time for Fill-Me-In Friday where I share the best links I've come across this week. 

 First a final reminder, my STILL INTO YOU contest is still open! So for a $2.99 purchase of STILL INTO YOU, you get a sexy novella and a chance to win a gift card, a box of awesome ($30 value) or a 20 page critique from me (not sure how much that's worth, but I had a 10pg crit go for almost $400 in a charity auction last year, so this is a deal compared to that, lol.) Contest closes Monday night.

Also, huge thanks to everyone who has already bought STILL. *hugs* I heart you guys. : )


All right, enough shameless promotion, on to the links...

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Order STILL INTO YOU This Week and Win a Box of Awesome!



How To Write Love Scenes That Don't Suck - A Free Class!



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And thanks to the following reviewers for posting reviews this week... 

  • "All I can say is I was blown away. A very true look into marriage, how it develops, fantasies being met and the depth each is willing to go to only to save their love and marriage. A must read!" - Delighted Reader 
  • "Still Into You was a great emotional and sexy read. Once they arrived at The Ranch, the sizzle factor went through the roof. Besides the smoking hot sex scenes, there was a great story about two people who love each other trying to find their way back." -Love To Read For Fun
  • "Realistic, sweet and adorable romance!  Recommended!"- Books Are Magic
  • "Roni Loren writes unconventional love stories that are hot enough to make the pages spontaneously combust, yet also emotionally complex and beautifully told.  You don’t find that combination very least I don’t.  I think she is a must read for erotic romance lovers." - Seductive Musings
  • "I loved the story.  Seth and Leila's marriage was perfectly written and their struggles with juggling family, responsibilities and still keeping the "spark" in a marriage alive was dead on.  Roni Loren is quickly becoming a must buy for me.  Can't wait for Melt Into You."Cocktails and Books
  • "Roni was able to convey not only the pain they felt but the passion. Oh my goodness, but do these two have some serious passion together. Seth and Leila are way hot together, and I enjoyed watching them reconnect with one another. After finishing this novella, I definitely can't wait to get my hands on more from Roni Loren." - Ramblings from This Chick
  • And if you want to see who I used for visual inspiration, check out my mancandy post at Romancing Rakes For The Love of Romance: Guest Post with Roni Loren + Giveaway


All right, that's all I've got this week. Hope you all have a fabulous weekend!