NOT UNTIL YOU Info & Pre-Order Now Available!

Just wanted to pop in and let everyone know that NOT UNTIL YOU, my e-serial coming out this summer is now available for pre-order! And the back cover summaries are up! 

I'm so very excited about this project. Parts will release once a week for eight weeks. And because I didn't have to worry about space as much as I do in a regular novel, I was able to give you an extra long story for Foster and Cela. (This one will be over 120k instead of the 90-100k of my print novels.) This was such a fun story to write and I hope you guys end up loving Foster and Cela as much as I do.

Want to know what the summer will bring?

(Covers coming soon!)



Not Until You, Part I 
Not Until You Dare 

Available June 11, 2013

 From the author of the Loving on the Edge novels comes a story of a good girl who discovers that once you dare to cross some lines, it’s hard to turn back…

On the night of her graduation, innocent veterinary student Cela decides to play a game of Never Have I Ever with the two hot neighbors she’s been quietly crushing on for the last year. Always the prim and proper student, Cela thinks she’s earned a wild night before she has to move back home under the watchful gaze of her family. But what starts out as a simple game is about to take a very sensual turn...

Ian Foster is tired of playing games. With his membership to The Ranch, an exclusive BDSM resort, and a musician roommate named Pike who brings home groupies with a taste for ménage, Foster has a life most guys would kill for. But lately, his need for dominance is no longer satisfied via one-night stands. He craves the full surrender of one woman—a submissive of his own.

But when his quiet, sweet-as-sugar neighbor shows up at their door with a bottle of tequila and an invitation, Foster decides he and Pike may have time for one more fling…

For the rest of them, I'm only going to put the lead in line in case some of you prefer not to read what each part is about until you read the previous parts. But if you want to see the full summaries of all of them, click here.


Not Until You, Part II
Not Until You Risk

Cela’s daring side started to expose itself in Not Until You Dare. Now Foster and Pike are determined to push her limits and let her wild side loose…


Not Until You, Part III
Not Until You Crave  

In the scintillating continuation of Roni Loren’s Not Until You, Cela is unsure if she can go back to her bland way of living, not after the door to passion has been opened. But she doesn’t realize she’s barely even caught a glimpse of what Foster is capable of…


Not Until You, Part IV
Not Until You Trust  

Naïve Cela has gotten a peek into the world of BDSM. But, as Roni Loren’s titillating Not Until You series continues, will Cela really take the plunge and leave her vanilla life behind?


Not Until You, Part V
Not Until You Beg  

Cela wants to explore the new desires Foster has awakened within her, but is she really ready to submit? As Roni Loren’s Not Until You continues, Foster will find out exactly how far Cela will go...


Not Until You, Part VI
Not Until You Surrender  

The heat is rising as Foster and Cela’s affair becomes more complicated in the next thrilling installment of Not Until You. After Cela fails to obey him, Foster decides that she must be punished for her transgressions. But has retribution ever felt so good?


Not Until You, Part VII
Not Until You Believe 

Roni Loren’s sexy novel Not Until You picks up as Cela decides to leave the life of submission behind. But having had a taste of Foster’s intense passion isn’t making it easy to go back to her old ways…


Not Until You, Part VIII
Not Until You Love  

Boundaries will be crossed and souls laid bare as Foster and Cela discover if sizzling passion can ignite into something more in the breathtaking conclusion of Not Until You.


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*For those of you who follow the series, Foster is Ian Foster who made an appearance in STILL INTO YOU and Cela is Andre's sister.

So what do you think? Care to spend the summer with Foster? ; )