A Message To My UK & Australian Readers About Ebook Availability

UK/Australian Readers:

I know y'all have been patiently waiting for the issue with the e-serial to be resolved. I really appreciate your patience. Here's what I know at this point: Harper UK bought the rights for ALL of my current and future books (through Colby's story next year) from Berkley (my U.S. publisher.) So the Berkley ebook versions of Fall Into You, Still Into You, and the e-serial Not Until You were pulled in the UK and Australia because Berkley no longer has the right to publish them there. (You can still get a paperback of FALL.)

So the good news is this means these books (and my future ones) will be available in the UK in ebook probably with less delay than in the past and possibly for a lower price. (The first two books, if you remember, didn't come out in ebook in the UK/Australia for almost a year after U.S. release.) But the bad news is, I don't know *when* Fall Into You and the rest of Not Until You will be available again. I have an email into the UK publisher (via Berkley) to see if they know re-release dates set, but I haven't heard back yet. My guess is that they will redesign covers and such like they did with the first two books, so it may be a little while. I did let them know that there is a demand for these as soon as possible since many of you read the first two parts of the serial before it was pulled, so I'm hoping they rush it and get them back out there quickly. But I have no control over that aspect. 

Once again, I am SO sorry for the inconvenience and the frustration. Had I known this would happen this way, I would've requested the U.S. versions of the first two parts to not be released at all in the UK & Australia so that people didn't start reading only to be left waiting for the rest. I'm a reader first before a writer so I know the frustration of starting something and then not being able to finish. I wish I could fix it from my end, but unfortunately, I can't, so all I can say is I'm sorry it happened this way and when it releases in the UK/Australia, I will be thrilled and excited to discuss the books with you guys. 

*Sending chocolate and hoping for your understanding*


NOT UNTIL YOU TRUST is out! (And an Author/Agent Chat Announcement)

So it's Tuesday again! Boy, the weeks go by fast, don't they? Today we've reached the halfway point in the serial, Part 4, NOT UNTIL YOU TRUST. This installment has one of my favorite sexy scenes in the book, so I hope you'll check it out.

Also, my agent Sara Megibow and I are doing a Twitter chat tomorrow night at 8pm central to talk about behind the scenes of NOT UNTIL YOU. We'll be using the hashtag #behindthebook. Sara's going to be asking questions and such and you can peek in. We'll also be taking questions from readers or other writers as part of the chat too. So I hope you'll pop in!

That's all for now!

Naïve Cela has gotten a peek into the world of BDSM. But, as Roni Loren’s titillating Not Until You series continues, will Cela really take the plunge and leave her vanilla life behind?

Despite desperately wanting to satisfy her curiosity, Foster is not about to introduce Cela to his true dominant side. For one thing, she’s far too innocent to participate in that kind of lifestyle; for another, he doesn’t want to get attached when she’ll be leaving town so soon. But when he comes home after a frustrating day and finds Cela hanging out with Pike, all of Foster’s possessive urges rise to the surface. 

Cela is left breathless and shaken after getting a glimpse of Foster’s dominance unleashed. Maybe he was right, and she isn’t ready for something so intense. But when she can’t get her mind off their nights together, she comes up with a daring plan to see just how much they’re both willing to risk…

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NOT UNTIL YOU CRAVE is out today!


It's that time of week again! :)


In the scintillating continuation of Roni Loren's Not Until You, Cela is unsure if she can go back to her bland way of living, not after the door to passion has been opened. But she doesn't realize she's barely even caught a glimpse of what Foster is capable of...

As the threesome returns home from their wild night, Foster is still reeling from the truth about Cela and angry at himself for feeling more than he should for a one night stand. So when he's confronted by Cela's angry and protective older brother, he agrees to stay away from his alluring neighbor. He knows he's got no business messing with a vanilla girl--especially one who tests his self-control at every turn.

Cela's still not ready to give up on Foster or the intense connection they shared. So when a harmless midnight texting session turns into an irresistible invitation, she can't say no. But later when she runs into Foster dressed in leather pants and heading out for a late night at The Ranch, she begins to grasp that there's a whole other side to him she never imagined--a darkness that both intrigues and terrifies her...

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NOT UNTIL YOU Cover Reveals!

So it's only a little over a month away until my first e-serial, NOT UNTIL YOU, comes out. And finally, I have covers to share with you. Yay for covers!

So here they are. I wanted something young and modern since this is the first college-aged heroine I've written. I love the black, white, and red theme.

What do you think?


And here's the blurb for Part 1 out June 11th! 

Not Until You: Part I

From the author of the Loving on the Edge novels comes a story of a good girl who discovers that once you dare to cross some lines, it’s hard to turn back…

On the night of her graduation, innocent veterinary student Cela decides to play a game of Never Have I Ever with the two hot neighbors she’s been quietly crushing on for the last year. Always the prim and proper student, Cela thinks she’s earned a wild night before she has to move back home under the watchful gaze of her family. But what starts out as a simple game is about to take a very sensual turn...

Ian Foster is tired of playing games. With his membership to The Ranch, an exclusive BDSM resort, and a musician roommate who brings home groupies with a taste for ménage, Foster has a life most guys would kill for. But lately, his need for dominance is no longer satisfied via one-night stands. He craves the full surrender a woman—a submissive of his own. 

But when his quiet, sweet-as-sugar neighbor shows up at their door with a bottle of tequila and an invitation, Foster decides he and Pike may have time for one more fling… 


Ready to pre-order? Come on, I'll lurve you forever. :)  Nook | Kindle

A Sexy Sneak Peek from NOT UNTIL YOU!

Photo via Mixxula (Flickr CC)Guess what's only two months away? The release of my e-serial NOT UNTIL YOU! I can't believe it's almost here already. I'm really excited about this story and this format. It's my first time writing something in serial format, my first time writing a college-aged/New Adult heroine, and the first time I'm using first person POV for the heroine.

So I thought today I'd give you an inside look into the story. This is an exceprt from NOT UNTIL YOU Part I: NOT UNTIL YOU DARE. And if you'd like to pre-order the first part (Nook or Kindle), I'd not mind at all. ;)



Copyright 2013 Roni Loren - All Rights Reserved Berkley Publishing Group

Foster watched Cela’s throat work as she sipped her margarita. The club was in full swing, but Pike had used his connections to get them a table on the balcony so that they could all have a drink and talk without the music drowning them out.

This kind of club wasn’t usually Foster’s speed. Too loud. Too crowded. If he was going to go out, he usually drove to The Ranch where true privacy could be had if needed. But when Pike had suggested dancing, Foster couldn’t resist the thought of having Cela’s body pressed against his, the scent of her swirling around him.

But unless Cela relaxed, they were going to be cemented to these chairs all night. Her salt-rimmed drink sloshed precariously in her unsteady hand as she sent the tables nearby a darting glance and sipped. If he said “boo”, she’d probably leap off her seat.

Way to go, genius, he chided himself. It was his and Pike’s job to make sure Cela had fun tonight, and they were reaching epic fail status quickly.

Pike was at least trying to put her at ease. “So how long do you have before you move back home?”

“I’m going to help out in the clinic at the vet school for a few more weeks. I’ve been interning there this year, and I wanted to make sure they had a replacement for me before I left. So before the end of June.”

“Wow, that soon, huh?” Pike asked.

She looked at her drink and seemed to sink into her thoughts. “Yeah.”

Damn, they needed to turn this night around quickly. Cela seemed to be getting more morose instead of relaxed. Enough sitting around. He didn’t have Pike’s talent for settling women with humor and the occasional off color comment. If he said half the stuff Pike did, his face would be permanently marked from angry slaps. But he did have one potent tool in his arsenal—one that only worked on a special type of woman. And all his God-given instincts were telling him Cela was exactly that kind of girl, his kind of girl. Even if she didn’t know it yet. Time to do what he’d been wanting to do since he’d first met his shy neighbor. 

He reached out and plucked the glass from her hands. “Stand up, Cela.”

She turned toward him and blinked as if to clear her vision of some afterimage. “What?”

He stood. “Up. Now.”

She glanced at Pike with a what’s-going-on look but rose to her feet anyhow. 

“Thank you.” He stepped around the small cocktail table to stand in front of her, using his height advantage to the fullest. “Look at me.”

Her head tilted upward without hesitation—like he’d tugged a string attached to her chin. 

Good girl, his mind whispered. But he shoved the instinctual response to the back of his  brain. “We brought you here to have a good time tonight.”

Her lips rolled inward, nervously smoothing her lip gloss, and she took a breath. “I know. I want that, too.”

“Good.” He glanced at Pike, who was watching the exchange with deceptively casual interest. Pike gave a barely perceptible nod, somehow always in tune with Foster’s thoughts, and climbed out his chair. He moved behind Cela with easy confidence and slid his hands along her waist.

She jolted a bit at the touch, a flush creeping over the skin exposed by her V-cut neckline, but she held Foster’s eye contact. 

“You’re shutting down on us.” Foster reached out and cupped her face, running a finger along her cheekbone. “I need you to let go of the nerves. You have no reason to be anxious around us.”

She scoffed, then bit her lip when she realized the sound had escaped.

Pike smiled over her shoulder and moved in closer, pulling her gently against his chest, swaying a bit to the music. Foster knew this would be the make or break moment. She’d either jump in with both feet or shrink back into her shell like a hermit crab. But he was done trying to resist his urges with her. 

So far, she was responding just as he’d hoped, the submissive undercurrent almost a taste on his tongue. The desire to take control, to take her over, surged inside him like lifeblood. His dominance could calm her. “You’re safe with us. Neither of us would ever make you do something you don’t want to do. Understand?”

Her gaze shifted, and he could see her body going rigid. Her fight or flight was kicking in—which only served to activate his chase and conquer gene. But right as he thought she may wiggle out of Pike’s arms and run, she blurted out, “But I don’t know how to do this!”

The honest response made him want to smile, to kiss her, to soothe that insecurity. “Do what?” he asked calmly, letting his hand drift to her throat, feeling her pulse quicken against his palm. “Tell me what you fear.”

She closed her eyes as if gathering her strength around her—finding that steel core he sensed resided under all that cottony soft innocence. “I’m…not used to this. Being out with guys. I don’t know how to act, what to do.”

“Ah, sweetheart,” Pike said, pressing a kiss to her bare shoulder. “You’re doing just fine.”

Foster breathed slowly, willing his own heartbeat to slow, his protective instinct flooding him. Oh, how he’d like to show her exactly what he wanted her to do when she was with him, how to act, how to submit. But she was so young, so untouched. He’d fear crushing her under the weight of all he desired. 

Despite his body screaming for a different outcome and knowing that he and Pike could seduce her into their bed tonight, he forced the right words to come out of his mouth. “Listen to me, Cela. Tonight, we’re just going to dance. All you need to do is relax and have a good time. We don’t have any expectations beyond that.”


What if I want you to? The question sat full on my lips, my body already in overdrive from Pike’s warm chest pressed against my back and Foster’s commanding gaze holding me captive. But I couldn’t deny the unwinding ball of tension in my stomach at Foster’s statement. They weren’t expecting anything from me. All I needed to do was get the stick out of my backside and have fun. Give myself over to the night.

Give myself over to them.


Hope you enjoyed it! You can pre-order the first part for only $1.99 on Kindle or Nook.

The Return of the Serial Novel and My New Book Deal!

Hello, all. I know Fridays are usually reserved for my weekly links roundup, but I'm postponing that for a super fantastic announcement. :)

For those of you who get Publisher's Marketplace, you've probably already seen it, but this posted last night:

  Roni Loren's next story in her LOVING ON THE EDGE series about an innocent vet school student who joins her sexy neighbors at a BDSM ranch for one weekend of freedom before she starts her professional life, to Kate Seaver at Berkley Heat, releasing in serial installments, for publication in 2013, in a nice deal, by Sara Megibow of Nelson Literary Agency (world).


Photo by Robb North (flickr cc)Yay! So for those of you who are closely following my series, you may be wondering whose book this will be. Well, this is going to be Ian Foster's (from STILL INTO YOU) and Cela Medina's (Andre's little sister) story. Originally, it was only going to be the novella, NOT UNTIL YOU. But things have changed and now Ian and Cela get their own full story!

AND it's going to be released in the new (or very old depending on how you look at it) format of the e-serial. This means it will be released in sections. We haven't decided how many segments yet. Most likely 6-8, but we're going to determine where the natural breaks in the story occur before we nail that down. Each segment will be released once a week.

I am so excited about this project and about this format. I wasn't sure at first when I heard about the e-serial because I'm a person to devour books all in one sitting. But then I gave Beth Kery's serial Because You Are Mine a try and am finding that I'm really enjoying this kind of reading. Because the segments are brief, I'm able to finish one in two nights of sitting by the bathtub while my son bathes. It's kind of nice to feel like I completed something each time. And it keeps me immersed in the story longer. Sometimes I read so fast that I'm sad the story is already over. So this kind of makes it more of an experience when it's stretched out piece by delicious piece over time. 

So I was won over to the format. Then my editor contacted me wanting to discuss the possibility of turning Ian's story into a serial. I couldn't have been happier. Ian's story (who is going to be called by his last name Foster now--since by coincidence, Beth Kery's hero is named Ian too, lol) is different from my others. I haven't written a heroine this young and inexperienced before (though she's no pushover, Andre is her brother after all). It was a new challenge and a whole lot of fun. 

Dates are still floating around but this will release after FALL INTO YOU in late Spring or Early Summer.

And be on the look out for more people releasing books this way. The e-serial thing was starting to buzz in a lot of places already, but now that Amazon has released their Kindle Serials, expect to hear even more about it.

Here are just a few places that have tackled the topic lately:

The Revival of the Serial - Dear Author

Books on the Installment Plan via The Kill Zone

Ebooks anf the Return of the Serial Novel via SeattlePi

Beth Kery on Writing the Serialized Novel via USA Today's Happily Ever After


So that's my news. : )  

How do you feel about the return of the serial? Do you think it's a format you'll enjoy? (It seems people either love it or hate it, lol.)