My New Obsession (and Time Waster)

My favorite chimichurri (Photo by me)

I'm on a plane heading to NYC this morning, so this will be a quick post. (But be sure to check in this week as I have guests on both Wednesday and Friday--and a contest on Friday!) 

But I wanted to share a new website that I'm slightly obsessed with. Everyone hearts Pinterest--and I have an account--but after my photo debacle, I'm wary of pinning anyone else's copyrighted stuff so I only use it for very specific purposes. But now I've found a site that gives me the fantastic food pics and recipes that I liked on Pinterest, but I can simply favorite the ones I like instead of having to "repin" or "reblog" them.

The site? FoodGawker. And OMG, the beautiful food and fantastic recipes on there. I could literally fall in and lose an hour before I even realize it. I LOVE to cook (and consider myself a bit of a foodie). It's one of my favorite hobbies, and I try my best to cook healthfully. So, I was happy to see how many healthy recipes are on the site. Also, I've started baking with the kidlet on Sundays, so this will give us endless sources of new dessert recipes. So yay for new obsessions!

Check it out. But be warned, you may get sucked into the black hole of delicious food photography. : )

Am I the last one to find out about this site? Anyone else on there? What's your favorite site to get lost on?