What I'm Watching: Something Funny, Something Scary, & Something Sentimental

One of the things that has gotten pushed to the back burner since I began a serious writing career (and had a child) is TV watching. A lot of people assume that since I work from home, I must get the chance to watch a lot of TV. But truth is, when I'm home during the day, I'm in my office, working. I can't remember the last time I watched TV during the day on a weekday. And in the evening, it's family time and dinner time and dishes time. So when I get that hour or so with the hubs after kidlet goes to bed, I have to choose shows wisely. And lately, I've gotten pretty lucky. Here's what I'm watching:

Something Funny:

Jane the Virgin

Jane the Virgin (The CW)- Okay, so I'm not up to date (so don't tell me any spoilers) but I started a Netflix binge of this at Christmastime and am a good way into the first season. It's funny and silly and over the top. All the characters are interesting and the structure (kind of tongue and cheek about telenovelas) is fresh and entertaining. If you're not watching this one yet and like a show that will make you laugh (and has some romance and hot guys), then check this one out. 

Something Scary:

Killing Fields

Killing Fields (Discovery Channel) - This is a true crime show about a cold case from 1997 in Louisiana that happened near LSU. The show itself is creepy because of what it's about, but it's particularly chilling for me because I was at LSU during the time of that murder and the serial killer that was murdering students. One of my grad school classmates was a victim (though her case also remains unsolved, most assume she was part of the serial killings). So this whole story hits very close to home for me and brings me back to a very scary time. However, the show is well done and compelling. I don't know how it will end (and they apparently taped it in real time), but I'm really hoping they solve the case. 

Something Sentimental:

American Idol (Fox) - I have watched every season of American Idol from the beginning, which was when I married hubs. So it's been an annual part of our routine from the start. I'm sad that this is the last season because I've never really taken to the other singing shows like I have this one, but I get that everything comes to an end. Hopefully, it will be a good one.


So that's what I'm watching? What's on your TV lately? Any recommendations?


Zang...Best American Idol Performances Ever #atozchallenge

So I've reached the final day of the month long A to Z blogging challenge. I have to admit, X and Z were kind of killers. So today I'm stretching it a bit. If you've ever watched Wayne's World, "zang" is another way of saying excellent. Yes, I'm reaching, so what. :)


American Idol is one of my favorite shows. I've watched every season since the first and though my favorite hardly every wins (Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood being the exceptions), I still can't resist watching. This week I'm still in mourning over Colton leaving, so I thought I'd look back at some of my favorite ever performances from the show.





These are in no particular order...

Adam Lambert's Mad World - Oh, how I heart Adam. There's nothing better than a true rock voice mixed with mad talent.

(This version is from the finale. It wouldn't let me embed the first time he sang it on the show.)


Hailey Reinhart's I Who Have Nothing - Hailey wasn't one of my faves because she had a bit of trouble handling criticism, but she sang the mess out of this song.


Carrie Underwood singing Heart's Alone - Okay, so the hairdo needed work but Carrie can sing her face off and this is one of my favorite songs ever.


David Cook singing Michael Jackson's Billie Jean. I also liked his version of Hello by Lionel Ritchie.


Chris Daughtry singing "Walk the Line"


Pia Toscano - I'll Stand by You  (She went home way too early. She was so robbed.)


Kelly Clarkson had so many fab performances, but this is one of my faves--Natural Woman


Alright, those are the ones that I could think of off the top of my head. What were some of your faves? What's been your fave this year?