We Interrupt Our Regularly Scheduled Program for...Hair Drama 2011

Today is Tuesday, our Boyfriend of the Week day. And last week you guys gave me so many great suggestions, so I have tons of fresh meat men to choose from.

BUT, there was a bit of hair drama I needed to take care of today, so ended up not having time to get together a post.

So instead I'll share my before and after shots like a weight loss infomercial.

Last time I got my hair highlighted, I didn't like it. It was TOO much blonde. I told hubs this and he said it looked good and that I was overreacting. Well, this weekend I saw my mom who was like--whoa, your hair is fried. 

Yes, yes it was. And now I knew I wasn't crazy for not liking it. So today I rectified the situation. I have made the dramatic change from blonde to brunette. 

Before (me and hubs--aka my Boyfriend of the Week every week--at the SEC Championship this weekend):





It's a dramatic change, but my hair feels so much softer and healthier. Plus, change is good every now and then.

So I promise Boyfriend of the Week will be back next Tueday now that the crisis has been averted. :)