The NEW Cover for Crash Into You!

My first two books are getting fresh new designs to match the rest of the series and first up is my debut Crash Into You.

I remember when I got the orginal cover of Crash, I cried because it was my very first book and the cover was exactly what I wanted. So I'll always be nostalgic about that cover. But I am so excited and in love with the new look.

Here it is! The new cover will be on books starting this October.



What do you think? 



UK Cover Reveal for the Not Until You Serial!

Cover reveals are always fun, and they're especially fun when they are the foreign versions because it's interesting to see how different cover designers will take the same book and package it differently.

So here are the UK versions of the NOT UNTIL YOU serials, which starts August 29th in the UK.  Aaaaand, it looks like they're offering the first part for free, so run over there and pre-order it. : )

And here are the covers...


So whaddya think? I think they're very sexy.