Hubs and Kermit - Why I Shouldn't Leave Them Alone Together



This weekend I had a book signing and a conference. Friday night at the signing, hubs and kidlet brought me over and were going to go see the Muppets movie while I did my thing. Kidlet brought along his Kermit doll. And that may have been a mistake because my husband plus a muppet plus a camera phone are a bad combination. This is what I got texted to me throughout the signing.

Here's me being, yanno, professional and stuff (well, mostly):

Thanks to author Angi Morgan for the pic!

Here's what is popping up on my phone:

Hitchiking on the escalator



Well, okay, he does date a pig.


So yeah. Poor Kermie.

What's the funniest photo on your phone? 

Boyfriend of the Week - Valentine's Edition

He doesn't even mind I'm a hopeless arm dancerHappy Valentine's Day, everyone! I'm not big on the Hallmark holidays. Personally, I think Valentine's Day just exists to make you feel lonely when you're single and to give restaurants an excuse to double their prices for the night. But that doesn't mean I'm not a romantic who can appreciate something that celebrates love. I am a romance author after all. ;)

And today, since it's Boyfriend of the Week, I thought I would share with you my own Boyfriend of the Week, er, Boyfriend of my Lifetime, rather. My dear hubs puts up with a lot from me. It takes a confident guy to be married to a woman who spends her days with sexy imaginary men for a living and who posts half-naked photos of guys on her blog and Tumblr for fun.

So, today, I say thank you to my smart and smexy hubs for being my very own romance hero. Twelve years has flown by in a blink.

And if you want to hear from Donnie on what it's like being the other half, he's been interviewed over at Dawn Alexander's blog where he answers such questions as how his male friends react when they find out what I write and how he really feels about Boyfriend of the Week.



Hope you all have a wonderful Valentine's Day! 

So what do you love most about your own "boyfriend (or girlfriend) of the week"? And are you doing anything for Valentine's Day?