Face Off Friday: Free Expression or TMI?


Susan at A Walk in My Shoes posted last week on knowing the purpose of your blog. Some blogs have a defined niche, some are a mishmash of topics, and others are web style diaries. For me, I stick to writing/book related topics with the occasional personal post because, really, my life ain't that interesting. :) But obviously, the beauty of having your own blog is that it's yours and can be whatever you want it to be. And I love reading the variety that is out there.

However, when you're trying to get published, should you consider what agents might think if they click over to your site? There are some obvious things like the book review issue I already discussed, listing your rejections which Susan covered, or bad mouthing the publishing process. But I'm thinking more about the personal information issue. Is it okay to post things that, say, you wouldn't want your employer to know? Because ultimately an agent or publisher relationship will be a professional one. And if we are lucky enough to be published one day, is this information we would want our readers to know about us?

"Well I can delete those posts," you say. Ah, but the internet has a long memory called Cached Copy. Hop over here to see an example of how you can't really take something back.

Of course, the flip side of this argument is that a blog is a place for personal expression, so should be open to whatever. And if an agent doesn't like what's in your blog, then maybe they aren't the agent for you.


So what are your thoughts? Where do you draw the line on your blog or is there a line at all?

Also, I would like to thank Bob and Bess over at PlainOldBob Answers for this awesome award. I love the name. :) Make sure you go check out their site and say howdy.

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"My Wena" - Bowling For Soup (I ♥ this band)
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