Face Off Friday: Will Blogging Sell Your Books?


I'll admit that I first started blogging because I heard that the omniscient THEY said that all aspiring authors should be on the internet building a platform. So off I went with the goal of building an internet presence, which lasted about two seconds. As soon as I started meeting other bloggers and discovering all the helpful information out there, I forgot about the whole platform thing and just kept blogging because I liked it.
Now I don't know if this whole blogging thing has built me any kind of platform, but it's definitely improved my writing because I learn something new every day from you guys and from researching the posts I do, so it's been worth its weight in gold.
However, I'm still curious, do you think THEY are right? Does someone having a blog sell books when they eventually get published? If you've never read a romance and I get published, are you going to go out and buy it because you "know" me or feel invested in my journey because you watched it unfold?
My own opinion is that, yes, it could sell a few books. For instance, blogger and about to be published author Jody Hedlund, writes inspirational/Christian fiction, which is far from my typical genre. I have no issue with the genre, it's just not something I gravitate toward. However, she's a great blogger and I have followed her journey over the last few months, so when her book comes out, I'll buy it. I want to support her. Same goes for all my bloggy friends out there, I can't wait to buy your books whenever they are out there.
And what about established author websites? Are you more likely to buy an author's book if they have an interactive website like a blog or tweet regularly or offer free writing workshops online? When authors do those blog tours, are you more likely to pick up their book?
I will say that when I ran across author Stacia Kane's website, which had loads of information on writing love scenes, I did go out an buy one of her novels. I liked her voice on the website along with the fact that she was offering helpful writing advice, so it sold me on picking up one of her books.
But if I just run across a standard author website with no updated information, it probably won't coax me into buying a book. Or if someone blogs solely to sell their books--i.e. every post is a promotional plug--I'm not that enticed either.
**Also, quick apology. I haven't been on your blogs in the last two days. That partial of Shadow Falls that I sent out like 3 months ago came back with a request for a full. Woo-hoo! So I've been buried in my manuscript the last two days--going through it to make sure that everything looked alright. I've learned a lot in three months so there were a few things that needed tinkering. I'll hopefully be finishing it up today and sending it off. I promise to catch up on your blogs over the weekend. :)**

So what about you? Do blogs sell books? What online can make you buy someone's book?
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