Face Off Friday: Reading Fiction While Writing


Alright, this post will be short because today my husband is going in for knee surgery--yuck--so I will be on nurse duty.  So I'm just going to pose a question that I'm curious about.


Obviously, if you are a writer, you're also a reader.  I can't imagine the two not going hand in hand.  However, I have heard many writers say that while they are in the midst of writing (especially a first draft) they abstain from reading fiction so as not to muddle their own ideas.

I'm the opposite.  I actually find that reading stimulates the same part of my mind as writing and helps me stay in the right mindset.  When I stop reading, I often notice that's when I hit a wall with my writing.  The only time that reading becomes detrimental to my writing is when the book is too good.  Like with those Vampire Academy books I reviewed earlier this week--those were bad news for my writing.  When I was supposed to be working on my WIP, I had my head buried in the books.  Not productive--although quite enjoyable nonetheless.

So how about you?  Does reading interfere with your writing or help it?  Can you be actively reading something at the same time you have a new WIP going?


**Today's Theme Song**
"Read My Mind" - The Killers

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