Somehow, this makes me feel better...


Agent Kristin posted her stats for this year:  38,000 queries, 55 full requests, 6 new clients.  The numbers are daunting but somehow give me comfort.  This means .00016% of the queries got representation if my math is correct.  So if you get that rejection in the mail, remember it doesn't necessarily mean you suck (although you certainly could), it just means you weren't the lucky one in 6300 to get an offer.  I guess agents aren't lying when they say they have to absolutely fall in love to make an offer.


Also, thanks for all the well wishes from everyone.  My husband's knee surgery went well, so now it's just the journey of getting through the recovery phase.  And playing nurse with a rambunctious two-year old trying to "help" with everything is very interesting, lemme tell you.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!


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"#1 Crush" - Garbage


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