The Top Ten Things You Need to Know About Fiction Groupie


Novice Writer tagged her followers yesterday (after being tagged herself) to blog about the top ten things. So, since this will save me the trouble of having to create a whole new idea (and give me more time to work on WIP) for a blog post, here goes:

10. My taste in music is a bit schizophrenic. For example, concerts I've been to in past few years: Fall Out Boy, Motley Crue, Chicago, Foo Fighters, Britney Spears, Marilyn Manson, NKOTB, Weezer, Nine Inch Nails, All-American Rejects, Bowling for Soup, The Offspring, Def Lepard, No Doubt, Cinderella, Journey, AC/DC. I'm usually one of the youngest people at the concerts (Chicago) or one of the oldest (Fall Out Boy.) This makes me wonder what people my age are listening to. Maybe I'll see more of my peers at the upcoming Kelly Clarkson and Pink concerts.
9. I can spin a basketball on my finger and recite the names of all the books in the New Testament. Skills leftover from basketball camp and bible school when I was a kid.
8. I know it's the unpopular thing amongst writers because of all the writing/story flaws, but I ♥ Twilight. There I said it. :)
7. I met my husband on AOL ten years ago (before internet dating was the thing to do) when he was looking for someone to chat with about LSU. A few months after we met, he picked up his life, moved to Louisiana, and we've been together ever since. Who knew I'd get to experience a romance novel premise in my own life?
6. I can recite all the words in Dirty Dancing, about 90% of Sixteen Candles, and most of the series Dawson's Creek and Friends. I'm nothing, if not cheesy.
5. I love to cook and rarely cook the same thing twice. I could start a whole new site called Cookbook Groupie (but will refrain from doing so).
4. In my past life as an adoption social worker, part of my job was transporting two day old infants in planes, trains, and automobiles alone (okay, so there were no trains unless you count the monorail at the airport) to get the babies to their new parents. Scary stuff when, at the time, I had no experience with babies.
3. I prefer beer (the darker the better) to wine.
2. I'm a perfectionist, but a terrible housekeeper.
1. I wear my heart on my sleeve, but have a great poker face from my days of being a therapist. I only fall apart in front of a very select few.
Questions: Do we have anything in common? Does anything surprise you?Would you like to play along on your blog? If so, consider yourself tagged!