My First Crush and poll results


Patrick Swayze's star
Photo by Tamsin Slater
I know I will be one of a million bloggers writing about Patrick Swayze today, but I couldn't not mention him. Dirty Dancing came out when I was seven or eight. (I know it has adult themes, but I didn't catch those at the time.) All I saw was this handsome man that knew how to dance and who fell in love with Baby. He was definitely my first crush and my first introduction to the "bad boy" character. I had his poster on my wall and knew every line from the movie by heart (still do).
To this day, Dirty Dancing remains my favorite movie because it was the first love story I can remember seeing. My hopeless romantic self was born. And Patrick Swayze was the guy I set as my standard. Clearly, he was taken from us too soon. My heart goes out to his family and all those who loved him.
Okay, on a happier note...
I thought I would share the results from last Thursday's poll.


Why do you visit this blog?

For writing info 11% (2 votes)

Book Reviews 11% (2 votes)  

Both 53% (10 votes)

Other: 26% (5 votes)


This one surprised me a bit. I'm curious about what the "other" segment means. If any of you would like to share your specific "other" reason, please leave me a comment. I'm curious. I know it must be my stunning wit and charm, right? lol



What is genre do you write?

Young Adult 19% (5 votes)  

Literary Fiction 0% (0 votes)  

Horror 0% (0 votes)  

Thriller 4% (1 votes)  

Mystery/Suspense 8% (2 votes)  

Romance 15% (4 votes)  

Erotica 0% (0 votes)  

Non-Fiction or Memoir 4% (1 votes)  

Inspirational/Christian Fiction 4% (1 votes)  

Women's Fiction/Chick Lit 4% (1 votes)  

Historical Fiction 0% (0 votes)  

Urban Fantasy 8% (2 votes)  

High Fantasy 8% (2 votes)  

Sci-Fi 4% (1 votes)  

Not a writer 19% (5 votes)  

Other: 4% (1 votes)


Young Adult and Romance are the winners. Not surprising since those are very popular genres right now and those are also what I write.


Does your work in progress have supernatural/paranormal elements?

Yes 50% (9 votes)  

No 22% (4 votes)  

Not a writer 28% (5 votes)


 We're a spooky group. That's a lot of paranormal going on. I guess we reflect the current trends in the market.


What is your favorite genre to read?

Young Adult 14% (5 votes)

Literary Fiction 9% (3 votes)

Horror 3% (1 votes)

Thriller 6% (2 votes)

Mystery/Suspense 9% (3 votes)

Romance 17% (6 votes)

Erotica 3% (1 votes)

Non-Fiction or Memoir 0% (0 votes)

Inspirational/Christian Fiction 6% (2 votes)

Women's Fiction/Chick Lit 3% (1 votes)

Historical Fiction 9% (3 votes)

Urban Fantasy 11% (4 votes)

High Fantasy 3% (1 votes)

Sci-Fi 3% (1 votes)

Other: 6% (2 votes)


 Once again, young adult and romance are the winners. We write what we love to read. :)



Are you published?

No 72% (13 votes)

No, but I have an agent 0% (0 votes)

Yes, in print 0% (0 votes)

Yes, ebook 0% (0 votes)

Not a writer 28% (5 votes)


All of us (except the non-writers) are still chasing the dream.



Does anyone ever listen to the theme songs I post?

Yep 12% (2 votes)

No, your music choices suck 0% (0 votes)

No, I'm at work and can't listen 0% (0 votes)

Wait, there's music? 35% (6 votes)

No, but I enjoy the suggestions 53% (9 votes)


This one made me laugh. Thanks to the two of you who actually listen to the songs! :) And I'm glad that most enjoy the suggestions even if not everyone has time or inclination to listen. I'll continue providing the theme songs.



Thanks for all of you who participated. I love knowing more about you guys.


So what do you think of the results? Also, who was your first crush? Can you remember the first romance you ever saw in a movie or read in a book? Was anyone else a Swayze fanatic like me?


**Today's Theme Song**
"She's Like the Wind"-- Patrick Swayze
(player in sidebar, take a listen)