WIP Wednesday & Choosing a New Baby


First off, I want to say thank you to all you guys and gals that follow my blog and regularly comment. I've passed the 75 followers mark and am so grateful to all of you. Your comments and your blogs are such a wealth of information and insight, I can't believe I waited so long to join the blogging world. You guys rock!
Now for WIP Wednesday. I can't say that I have too much to report. Since I was on vacation much of last week, I only managed to revise two chapters in my WIP. The good news is I'm almost through the first round of edits. It's gone way quicker than I expected, so I'm happy about that. It helps that the book is category length, so it's 30k less words to slog through than my first manuscript.
So now that I'm getting close to round one edits being over, I'm itching to start another project. I feel restless when I'm not writing. I have a few ideas knocking around in the bat cave, but I haven't decided which baby to choose yet. 
The most developed idea is for a YA (non-supernatural) romance. I also wrote Shadow Falls with intent for a sequel, so I could start that. Although, I have this superstitious thing about starting a sequel to a book that isn't agented yet.
Also, I had so much fun writing the adult romance I just finished, that I'm wondering if I should do another one of those. I have a suspense storyline in my idea notebook that I could turn into an adult romantic suspense. Hmm. Decisions. Decisions.
How do you decide which project is the perfect one to start next? Do you stick to writing the same genre or switch around? Do you start sequels before the first book has gotten picked up? How's your WIP going?
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