Word Verification Balderdash: A Game

I've made no secret about how much I loathe the word verification box for commenting.  It takes extra time, I inevitably type the word wrong, and sometimes the box pops up after I hit the exit button for the window and lose my comment.  However, in an effort to be more positive and look on the bright side this year, I've come up with a fun use for these dastardly things--my own version of Balderdash.

For those who you who aren't familiar, that was the boardgame where you where given a word and  had to define it.  You could give the real definition if you knew it or you could make up one.  Then people would have to guess whether it was the true definition or not.  So, in the spirit of that game, I have started saving the verification words that popped up this week when I was commenting.  And although, unlike Balderdash, we know these aren't real words, I thought I would come up with some definitions for them.

So here are this week's definitions:

Caddlac—the designer imposter version of the Cadillac
Lastrow—where you end up when you wait until the last minute to buy concert tickets
Cessi—sexy with a lisp
Beaddake—like Suduko only with beads
Acownest—where bovine lay their eggs
Crolotli—caveman smoothie chain (Cromagnon + Frulatti…okay I’m reaching)
Decrib—What my toddler tried to do when he climbed over the railing of his bed
Tractiv—halfway attractive
Terrbull—how Texans say terrible
Doskie—a great name for a dachshund
Clenten—our former president
Eviama—a cocktail made with Evian and Zima
Whombut—easy, the business end of a wombat
Hibernex—sleeping during sex
Flattas—the opposite of a bubble butt
Quakivet—a veterinarian specializing in ducks
Macleer (MacLeer)—when the guy working the drive thru at McDonald’s tries to look down your shirt as he hands you your fries
Dazink—how Cajuns say “the sink”
Hammical—Honey Baked, the musical

See?  Loads of time-wasting fun.  Even better than solitaire.  :)  I'm considering making this a weekly feature when I don't have a topic for Face Off Friday.  Let me know if this is something you'd like to see again or you'd rather a different type of weekly feature.

Also, I'd love for you guys to play along.  I know you all have extremely creative minds, so take one of these words and give me your alternative definition for it.  Or, define this one for me:  CONAT or the one from the picture above ANONYBUT

Have a great weekend!  Remember, tomorrow is the No Kiss Blogfest.  For the Kissing Blogfest, I happened to post an "almost" kiss scene, don't know if I have another, but I'll dig.

Hope everyone enjoys the holiday!

**Today's Theme Song**
"More Than Words" - Extreme
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