No Kiss Blogfest


Alright, so for the Kissing Blogfest, I posted an almost kiss scene, so I don't have another one of those readily available.  However, I think this scene from my current WIP (Constant Craving) fits the bill of having sexual tension with no kiss.  Let me know what you think.  I will put the disclaimer that this is in the very rough draft phase, I only have 13k words of the manuscript hammered out.  So here's my contribution to the No Kissing Blogfest:

Heput his finger against her lips.  “Stop,no more apologies.  I know you didn’t doit on purpose.  But I’d like to know why thehell you would go after someone breaking into your car instead of just runningback inside to get someone.”
Helowered his hand, and she wondered if she’d be able to find words again.  His touch had made her throat go dry.  She swallowed hard.  “I don’t know, I just acted on instinct.”
“Well,that was stupid.  What if you tried to getthe jump on someone and missed with the pepper spray?” he asked in a sharp toneusually reserved for angry fathers.
Shenarrowed her eyes.  “Well, seems like Ihave pretty good aim.”
Hesmirked.  “No sh**.  But I’m serious.  If you misfire, a guy would overpower you ina second.”
Shebit her lip.  Yeah, she knew allabout.  “Look, I can take care of myself,alright?”
“Ohyeah?”  Before she could open her mouthto respond, he grabbed her shoulder, whirling her around in the process, andhauled her back against his solid chest, his forearm in a loose hold around hercollarbone.  The finger of his other handwhispered against the hollow of her throat. “Half a second, Quinn, and a guy could have a knife on you.  Don’t be a hero—it’s stupid.”
Quinnbraced for the panic attack, knowing one would come.  Being held against her will fired off allkinds of fear responses within her.  Shecouldn’t even sit still at the dentist anymore if the doctor leaned over tooclose.  But besides her hammeringheartbeat, no other symptoms came. Instead of the icy claws of panic slicing through her, Sean’s headyscent and warmth enveloped her in a protective cocoon, providing her with along forgotten sensation—safety.
Secondsticked by, making her acutely aware of every hard edge of his body moldedagainst her softer ones.  He should have let her go by now.  If hewas trying to prove a point, she had gotten it.  But his arm remainedaround her, his nose tickling her hair.  Part of her wondered if he wasgoing to spin her around and kiss her.  But of course, that wasridiculous.  He had worn his lack of interest in her like a billboard. Sheopened her mouth to tell him to let her go, but the pressure on her backincreased as his chest rose with a deep breath, and she stilled.  Sean wasinhaling her scent.



Alright, that's all for now.  Enjoy the No Kiss Blogfest!  I look forward to reading the other posts!



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