Getting the Inside Scoop


I mentioned last week that I've organized my blog reading into folders on Google Reader so that I can get a better handle on my reading.  Well, when I tweeted that one of my folders is for industry blogs, a few people asked me which ones I follow.  So I thought today I would list some of those.  These are the blogs that help me stay on top of industry news and trends and also give killer advice for writers.  Hope you check them out!













  • Stacia Kane (excellent writing related posts, great blog series on how to write love scenes as well)


Bloggers who Provide Industry Related Service


  • Query Tracker
  • Miss Snark's First Victim (has regular Secret Agent contests, where an agent crits fifty 250 word submissions on the site.  She gets big agents to do this and often the winner gets a request from the agent.   The March contest is about to start, so click over to check out how to submit your entry.)
  • The Intern
  • Public Query Slushpile (post your query for feedback)


Alright, those are my must reads, go forth and follow.  What are some of your must-read industry blogs?  Feel free to leave the link in the comments.

**Reminder: Tomorrow is the debut of the Fiction Groupie Crit Project! (I need a better name for it, not loving that one, let me know if you have a suggestion.)  So, make sure and stop by with your encouraging words and your red pens for our first brave author!**


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