WIP Wednesday & Death of the Beta Club


I'm still working on the final chapter (chapters?) of my book.  *sigh*  This last love scene is giving me fits.  Don't ever let it be said that sex is easy to write--especially when so much emotion needs to be conveyed in a scene as well.  I need this one to be romantic and sweet and now-we-realize-we-were-always-meant-for-each-other.  BUT I also need it to be smoking hot for my not-so-conservative couple.


So, I will continue to work on it and I hope next week I'll be able to report to you guys that I wrote "the end".

Now, one other quick note.  Comments on the Beta Club have continued to drop off.  I'm starting to stress for the authors who volunteer because they are putting themselves out there and then only getting my feedback, which was not the point.  (Thank you, btw, to those of you who have commented.  I really appreciate it.)  So I'm going to close submissions and only continue the feature until I get through the queue of people who have already submitted.

I'm not sure if you guys just don't have time or interest in reading the excerpts and crit (which is fine) or if people are reading it and just reluctant to comment because a) I've covered the things they thought of or b) don't feel comfortable giving feedback to someone.  Either way, it seems the feature has run its course.  Thanks to the authors who have bravely submitted over the last few months. I've enjoyed reading your work. :)

So, how is your WIP going?  Are you struggling with anything in particular like me?

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"Lips of an Angel" - Hinder
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