Flipping to the End: Who Does That?


We all know that our first line and paragraph have to rock because it's one of the things readers look at when deciding whether or not to buy the book.  I know I do.  But someone mentioned to me a while back that we need to pay just as much attention to our last line--that many people flip to the end as well.


My reaction: o_O  Who does that?

I had never considered such a thing.  I know that a last line is important for giving your reader a satisfying experience and helping sell your next book, but I never thought someone would look at it first thing.

I am not a flip to the end person.  I know a lot of people will jump ahead and read the end before finishing the middle, which has always baffled my mind.  The only time I've ever peeked ahead was once when a character I loved was at risk of dying, I flipped forward to see if his name was still present in later chapters to make sure he survived.  But reading the end before you've even started the book?  Really?

Who are you people?  I want to know.  :)  Tell me what's the benefit in doing that.

So, as a reader, are you a flip ahead person or would that ruin it for you?  As a writer, do you stress about your last line? 


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