The Beta Club: Darkness Comes Calling (YA Paranormal) - Agree with my Crit?


It's Beta Club Tuesday!  I apologize for the late posting.  I had the joy of going to the dentist this morning and forgot to set up the post.  I also am not going to post the excerpt uncritted because the document has no paragraph breaks and would be too big of a block of text to read easily.  So for this time only, I'll just include the critting version for you to view.  Please don't let that stop you from providing your own feedback to the author.


Title: Darkness Comes Calling
Author: Monica Q. (she is looking for beta readers, email her HERE if you are interested)


Below is my detailed critique.  Please select FULL SCREEN to view, then once the document is open RIGHT CLICK to ZOOM and view the comments.


Alright, so what do you think?  Are you hooked?  What did the author do well?  What things could be improved? Agree or disagree with my crit?

Thanks ahead of time to everyone who comments and to the author for volunteering!

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