The Big Reveal: I Have a COVER!!!!


I'm so excited about sharing my cover with you guys today that I barely even have the patience to write this post. I just want to post the picture and jump up and down like an over-caffeinated tween at a Justin Bieber concert.


So all I'll say is that so far on this publication journey, nothing has made it feel as real as when I opened my email two days ago and saw this cover with my characters images and my name on it.

I'm not sure I've ever felt such a rush. I loved it at first sight. It was exactly what I wanted and I bow down to the Berkley Heat art department. Their covers always amaze me, but seeing my own was seriously a dream come true.

I asked for a couple and for rain (because a pivotal scene of the book happens in the rain), that's about all the input I gave. And this is the ridiculously perfect cover they graced me with.

*drumroll please*

Here is the final cover for CRASH INTO YOU (Berkley Heat, Jan. 2012), which now is also available for preorder on Amazon!



So what do you think? :D Isn't his hand placement so hot?