The "THE END" Celebration - Win a Critique!


So after many, many (don't want to admit how many) months, today is the day I will finish my draft of MELT INTO YOU, the second book in my series! I still, of course, have a lot of editing in front of me. But drafting is by far the hardest and longest part of the process for me since I'm an edit as I go person despite my best attempts otherwise. So I always feel more comfortable and relaxed once words are on the page and I can change them and mold them into what I want my story to be.


This one is the longest book I've ever written. I'm typically an underwriter who adds words during edits. I think I added 5k to CRASH INTO YOU when I edited. This time, it's going to be interesting to see how it goes 'cause this draft looks like it's going to wrap up at 103,000 words. Eek! (The first book is 93k.)

But in honor of reaching the lovely words THE END, I'm offering up two 5-page or query critiques today!

So, if you would like to be included in the contest, just include your email address at the bottom of your comment. The contest will be open until midnight (central) on Sunday night. If you'd be kind enough to retweet it as well, I'd appreciate it. 

So do you prefer drafting or editing? What do you do to celebrate when you reach THE END?