Big Changes Coming


Change Allley sign

Photo by Matt Brown

This blog has almost hit its one year anniversary, and I think it's finally time to make this my true home. For almost three years, I've been blogging 3-5 times a week at my writer's blog, Fiction Groupie. I've documented everything--finishing my first book, my first attempt at querying, my first experiences with rejection. I've shared my journey from "aspiring" author to agented writer to published author. I've tried to share what I've learned along the way as well.  (If you want to see the culmination of 3 years of writing blogs, check out my For Writers tab above where I have a new Writer Resource Page with all of Fiction Groupie's most popular articles divided by topic.)

And I plan to continue to talk about writing. But splitting my time between two blogs has become cumbersome. I've neglected this blog because there simply isn't enough time for both. But here is the place I want to be long term, on my own site not on a blogger blog. So I'm going to wrap up Fiction Groupie next week and then start blogging full time here--4-5 days a week.

Boyfriend of the Week will stay, but now there will be a lot more content each week.

Here is my tentative schedule:

  • Monday: Made of Win Monday - where I share simple things to brighten dark Mondays
  • Tuesday: Boyfriend of the Week
  • Wednesday: Writer Wednesday
  • Thursday: Books/Film/Flex Day - No theme so it may be an update on my 50/50 challenge, it may be a guest post, it could be anything.
  • Friday: Fill Me In Friday - This is the regular Fiction Groupie links round up of the best posts I've run across that week.

I hope you'll stick around for the new format. And if you're not already a subscriber or you're a Fiction Groupie follower, I'd love for you to hang out, too. You can sign up for the RSS feed here or you can get posts delivered to your inbox (just enter you email address in the box to the right that says "Or Via Email".

Have a great day!