Do Quirky Writing Habits Equal Greatness?

Photo by Erin Kohlenberg (CC)So this weekend I came across a post on the Wall Street Journal site (via Elizabeth Craig on Twitter) with famous writers talking about their process. And of course, I had to read it because I'm fascinated by people's writing processes. Everyone can have such different paths on the way to a finished novel. And this article definitely proved that to be true.

Go ahead and read it first, I'll wait. *drums fingers on desk* Okay, so is anyone else amazed at how many of the writers do not type their books on a computer? So many long-handers. One writer even orders stacks of those college blue books (the ones for written exams) and writes her whole novel in those. And the writing locations were so different too--people writing in bathrooms and in bed and on subways and all kinds of strange and interesting places.

Which of course got me to thinking (after I got over the fact that these writers spend years planning and writing a book--oh, how different the literary fiction world is from genre fiction), that I am completely un-quirky in my writing process.

I mean, yes, there is a constant supply of iced tea and usually a strange combination of 80s pop music, hair metal, movie scores, and modern rock playing. But other than that, I sit at my computer in the morning at a desk, write a blog post, and then get to my writing. I type on my laptop in the Scrivener program. I type until it's time to pick up my kidlet, and then I fit in writing here and there once he's back home with me.

If I need to think on the story, I take a shower or lay down. But I think that's pretty normal too.

So now I'm wondering if my lack of quirkiness is going to keep me from greatness. Clearly, having some weird method is the key to becoming legendary. 

So I'm thinking I should write everything in pig latin first. Or record everything on toilet paper with lipstick. Or write each sentence on an index card, then throw them in the air and put the book together in whatever order they fall. And I should do all of this while wearing a pirate costume and sitting in a grocery cart. Whaddya think? Instant bestseller, right? Right? :)

Of course, I'm not picking on anyone's method. I'm a big proponent of do what works for you, but I am feeling decidedly mundane at the moment.

So you tell me, what are your quirky writing habits? What's your weirdness plan to insure your instant bestseller-ness?