Want a Query and 10-page Critique from Me?


*clears throat in preparation of dramatic infomercial voice*

Are you having trouble with your opening pages catching an agent or editor's attention? Or maybe it's your query that seems to be falling flat? Well, I may have just the thing to help you...

...one of my detailed, sadistic-in-a-loving-way critiques!

For those of you who have followed my journey for a long time, you know I used to do critiques regularly on my old blog (Fiction Groupie). I really enjoy giving writers feedback because when I was starting out (and even now still), I know there is nothing more valuable than honest, unbiased, knowledgeable feedback. Having those types of critiques early on is what moved me from being the writer with a pile of rejection slips to a writer with a book deal and an ongoing series.

So, I believe in the power of feedback. And, honestly, I'd love to be able to help writer friends out with critiques like I used to, but things have gotten way busier for me. Putting out 2-3 books a year has required me to drop some things--like giving critiques. HOWEVER, every year I donate one critique for a fabulous cause--Crits for Water, which provides clean water to developing nations.

So now's your chance! I am offering a query and 10-pg critique TODAY at the Crits for Water auction. This means you'll get detailed feedback on your pages (the good, bad, and ugly), suggestions for what could make it better, and suggested resources (books, articles, etc.) you can tap to improve those things.

I'm open to all genres, but my skill set is probably most helpful to those who are writing romance, young adult, or New Adult. Bidding is only open until 9am on October 11th and starts at 10 dollars, so get to it. AND if you win, beyond getting the crit, you get to know you're helping people in need (plus it's tax deductible to boot.) : )

So go forth and bid! I promise to give good crit. ;)