Jordan Knight Can Sing the Catalog - Happy 4th!

First, I want to say thanks to everyone who tweeted, pimped, and/or bought MELT INTO YOU so far. *group hug* Y'all are the best! Release day went really well, so I really appreciate all the support.

Also, today I'm over at A Tasty Read talking about how I "built" The Ranch, the BDSM resort in my series.

AND I'm at The Smutketeers asking, Is Having a Favorite Hero Like Having a Favorite Child?

You can also win books at both, so I hope you'll stop by. :)

Now, I'm not doing an official blog since it's a holiday here in the U.S., but I figured I'd leave you with a little summertime entertainment.

Everyone always says of good singers--"They could sing the phone book." Well, apparently Old Navy took that same idea with their catalog and Jordan Knight (of the New Kids on the Block.) So here you go, Jordan Knight sings the summer catalog...

Hope everyone who's celebrating has a lovely (and safe) holiday!