Checking Off the Bucket List: Guns 'n' Roses Live

Hey, y'all! I know it's been a few weeks since I've popped in. When I disappear it's usually for the same reason--I'm writing my butt off. That's been the case since I've gotten back from RWA. My super secret project is underway, and I'm hoping I can share the news of it with all of you next week! :)

But today I wanted to share a little from my bucket list night last night. Yesterday was mine and hub's 15-year wedding anniversary. Here we are all those years ago with my super fabulous arm dancing.

So the day was awesome already, but what we did to celebrate was even better. We saw Guns 'n' Roses, the band that we never thought we'd get to see (with original band members) in our lifetime. In fact, the tour is called Not In This Lifetime, lol, so we weren't the only ones thinking that.

GNR is hubs' favorite band and very high on my list as well. If you know us at all, we're concert people. We have a wall of albums in our living room marking some our favorite bands we've seen in concerts. 

But this was that band. The one we always went back to with, "Man, I wish they could get it together and tour." So it was one of those life moments to be standing in a stadium with sixty thousand people and hearing Axl Rose belt you, "Do you know where the f**k you are? You're in the jungle, baby!" (Video below, but warning, it has the f-bomb.) 

Cue full body goosebumps and the adrenaline rush to end all adrenaline rushes. It's all that childhood memory stuff wrapped in with loud music and residual teenage angst/rebellion and knowing that you'll probably never see this again. I highly recommend it. :)

Also, Duff and Slash are still hot. Just sayin'.


And super talented. Here's the opening to Sweet Child O' Mine.

So if anyone asks why I write books about rockstars, like Wanderlust and Call on Me, it's because it's me. This is what I love. So if I can't BE a rockstar, then I damn well am going to write about them, lol.

Do you have any bucket list singers/bands you want to see? What's the best concert you've ever been to?

The Songs I Never Get Tired of.... #ListifyLife

This week's #ListifyLife challenge is Songs I Never Get Tired Of. This one was both really easy and really hard. Really easy because I can think of so many. But really hard because I wanted to fit them all on one page and needed to trim my list.

So here's what I ended up with. It's a bit eclectic, but that goes for my music taste in general. :)

#ListifyLife Songs I Never Get Tired of

That's my list. I'd love to hear what some of your songs are. My criteria for including them was "If this comes on, I can't forward the song or change the channel."

What songs would make your list?

New Music Page: The Loving on the Edge Playlists

At the Marilyn Manson concert in Vegas

So I've been wanting to do this for a while, but knew it was going to be a bit of a project and needed to wait until I had some time to dedicate to it. Finally, this weekend I was able to put it together. 

Music has always been a big part of my life and it definitely plays a big role in my writing. I can't write in silence, so I listen to a wide variety of songs while I'm writing. But there are particular ones that stand out in my mind has linked to certain stories or characters or scenes. So I've put together playlists for my series so far, including:

  • Songs that inspired stories or scenes
  • Character Anthems
  • The Dark and Sexy Stuff (i.e. what I imagine playing in the background of the smexy scenes. These are not your typical romance songs because who wants to get flogged to Celine Dion? Though, now that I think about it, that could make for a funny scene.)
  • The Romantic Stuff (the Happily Ever After anthems)

So I hope you'll check out the list.

And in the comments, I'd love to hear what songs are intrinsically tied to one of your stories or characters. 

Jordan Knight Can Sing the Catalog - Happy 4th!

First, I want to say thanks to everyone who tweeted, pimped, and/or bought MELT INTO YOU so far. *group hug* Y'all are the best! Release day went really well, so I really appreciate all the support.

Also, today I'm over at A Tasty Read talking about how I "built" The Ranch, the BDSM resort in my series.

AND I'm at The Smutketeers asking, Is Having a Favorite Hero Like Having a Favorite Child?

You can also win books at both, so I hope you'll stop by. :)

Now, I'm not doing an official blog since it's a holiday here in the U.S., but I figured I'd leave you with a little summertime entertainment.

Everyone always says of good singers--"They could sing the phone book." Well, apparently Old Navy took that same idea with their catalog and Jordan Knight (of the New Kids on the Block.) So here you go, Jordan Knight sings the summer catalog...

Hope everyone who's celebrating has a lovely (and safe) holiday!