NOT UNTIL YOU: The Complete Novel is here!


The complete edition of the NOT UNTIL YOU serial is now available in an omnibus edition! You can get it in ebook or you can get the "enhanced" paperback, which includes a brand new short story in the back!

About the book:


Cela knows how to be good. She's had a lifetime of practice. But on the night of her college graduation, she decides she's earned one wild night before she has to move back home to her overprotective family. So when the hot neighbor she's been quietly fantasizing about for a year suggests a game of Never Have I Ever, she's ready. But what starts out as a simple game takes an unexpected turn. Because Ian Foster doesn't play games he can't win.

Foster knows his desires aren't for the faint of heart, especially not for someone as sweet and innocent as his pretty neighbor. But when Cela shows up at his door with an invitation that surprises him, he can't resist indulging. Cela has no idea what she's in for. The secret dark side of this man's need will both intrigue and terrify her. But Cela has a secret of her own--and a new game to see just how far they're both willing to go, and how much they're willing to risk by crossing every boundary of desire.

Paperback Edition Only: A New Loving on the Edge Short Story


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All 8 Parts Are Out! Cliffhanger-Phobics Rejoice :)

NOT UNTIL YOU LOVE is out today! I can't believe we've reached the end of the 8 weeks of the NOT UNTIL YOU serial already. This summer is flying by. For those of you who have been reading along, thank you and I hope you've enjoyed the journey. I've enjoyed sharing it with you each week.

And for those who are cliffhanger-phobic, which I totally understand and respect, now you can get all eight parts and read them back to back with no waiting! : )  

I can't wait to hear what everyone thinks of the conclusion of Foster and Cela's story.

And if you have read it, I always appreciate any reviews you'd like to leave on the retail sites or Goodreads or any tweets and Facebook mentions. You'd be amazed at how much those things help a book. 

*hugs to all* And hope you're not sick of me yet because next week, Wyatt's story releases!!! I'm SO excited about CAUGHT UP IN YOU. Those characters are particularly near and dear to my heart so I can't wait to have y'all read their story. : )



I'm on my way to RWA Nationals today (yay!) where I'm up for a RITA award (double yay!) AND I finally finished my draft of Kade's story NEED YOU TONIGHT (*rolls around in confetti*). Let's just not talk about last week when I wrote 30k words. I think I'm still recovering my brain cells because most of them melted. But I didn't want to forget to remind you that Part 6 of my e-serial, NOT UNTIL YOU SURRENDER, is out today!!!

We're almost to the end of this journey (so those waiting to read them all at once only have two more weeks to wait, lol.) And I wanted to thank everyone who's posted reviews or spread the word so far. *hugs* I'd love to have more of that help this week since I won't be able to get near my computer very much. So if you feel so inclined, I'd love for you to tweet about the release or leave a review on Goodreads or the retails sites. Those things are huge helps.

And I hope you enjoy this segment! (Be prepared though, the black moment is nigh. *hands over wine and chocolate*)

NOT UNTIL YOU BEG is out today!


Not Until You, Part V 

Cela wants to explore the new desires Foster has awakened within her, but is she really ready to submit? As Roni Loren’s Not Until You continues, Foster will find out exactly how far Cela will go...

Foster has been pushed past the point of temptation. So even though he fears Cela’s interest in his world is a passing whim, he agrees to teach her the art of submission. But he’s not going to hold anything back—if she wants to see this side of him, he’s going to show her how deep his dominance runs.

Cela’s initial intrigue begins to give way to doubt as she struggles with the submissive role and the desires it stirs within her. Having spent her whole life being controlled by her domineering father, she’s unsure if she’s ready to put herself under the command of another man. But when she breaks Foster’s most important rule, she puts herself in a situation more intense than she bargained for…


NOT UNTIL YOU RISK is out! What secret will be revealed?

Hey y'all! Sorry I've been a bit scarce on the blog. Having a release once a week while trying to write another book has proven to be quite a crazy schedule. 0.0  But I wanted to pop in and remind you that Part 2 of my serial is out today!

I hope you're enjoying the serial and am excited to share the next part in Cela and Foster's journey. Here's the info:


Cela’s daring side started to expose itself in Not Until You Dare. Now Foster and Pike are determined to push her limits and let her wild side loose…

Cela’s sexy game of Never Have I Ever with her neighbors has turned into a night of Truth or Dare, with her revealing her deepest desires and letting go like she’s never done before. After some seductive dancing, the trio decides to move to a more private location: a swanky hotel where Foster is determined to explore Cela’s wildest fantasies.

As the heat between the three begins to sizzle, Cela finds herself drawn to Foster, whose dominance over her is almost too much to handle. But Cela’s got a secret she hasn’t yet shared, something that could bring their passionate encounter to a screeching halt…


Who's reading along with everyone? And who is buying them all and waiting to read them all at once? 

And So It Begins... NOT UNTIL YOU is here and other news!

The day is finally here! Part 1 of my very first serial novel is here, NOT UNTIL YOU DARE.

I'm really excited to share this story with you and I hope you'll participate in the ongoing reader discussions throughout the next eight weeks. 

Some things to note:

  • I'll be chatting on Facebook and on Twitter using the hashtag #NotUntilYou. So come chime in!
  • Nocturne Reads is having a Read-A-Long for each part each week. I'd love for y'all to stop by and comment. One of the most fun things about a serial is that readers are reading at the same pace. No one (except me, of course) knows what's going to happen next--no spoilers! :) So I hope you'll play along. I really want it to be a full experience for everyone. 
  • I'm a guest today over at Bookish Temptations, talking about Black Is the New Gray: Blending Genres because this serial is a blending of erotic romance and New Adult--two of my favorite subgenres.
  • Reviews on sites like Amazon and B&N are more important than most people realize. Goodreads is helpful too. So if you read Not Until You Dare, I'd love it if you could leave a review out there in the world. :)

Also, a bit of news from Publisher's Marketplace:

Roni Loren's NOT UNTIL YOU ebook, in which a good girl discovers that once you dare to cross some lines, it's hard to turn back, to Kate Bradley at Harper UK, in a six-book deal, by Tawanna Sullivan at Berkley.

*This deal says NOT UNTIL YOU, but it includes all of my backlist and frontlist (through book 6 next fall). So this means my UK readers will now get Print/Ebook versions of ALL of my books. Yay! *twirls around*

That's all I've got for you today. For those of you who have already purchased the book, thank you! I can't express how much I appreciate you all. *big hugs*