WIP Wednesday: Facing Down the Query

So I've been productive this past week after a few weeks of banging my head against the wall.  I finished the chapter that was giving me fits.  Then, I realized because of how that chapter worked out, I needed ANOTHER chapter.  It was starting to feel like the neverending draft.  But anyway, I banged out both, added a scene I needed somewhere else and ended up adding 4k words to the manuscript.

That means I can finally say that this sucker is D-O-N-E done at 88k.  Now I'll just be editing and revising as I work through it with my betas.  And I'm facing down the super fun task of writing the query letter and synopsis.  I'm hoping to have a query letter at least drafted before I leave for RWA Nationals next week, so that when I come home (with my head chock full of information and the agents I want to query), I'll have something to work with.

On the flipside, I'm hoping that I don't come home after going to all those workshops and want to change everything about the book, lol.  Sometimes too much information can be dangerous.  :)  But we'll see.

So, hopefully I'll be entering the query wars soon.  It's been a while, so I'm looking forward to it.  I just want to make sure everything is ready to go before I hit send.  I've learned the hard way that you need to have everything all set before querying.  My first novel, I received a full request one week after querying and they wanted a synopsis.  So I don't ever want to be rushing like that again.

How is your WIP going?  Have you ever gone to a workshop that made you want to change everything about your story?  Is anyone else going to RWA Nationals next week?

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"The Letter" - The Boxtops
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