RWA Nationals: Help! Which Workshops to Choose?


So I'm hitting the oh-crap-it's-already-here point with regards to RWA Nationals.  I'm not packed.  I haven't made my necessary "don't forget" list, and I haven't decided which of the bazillion workshops I want to attend.  Therefore, I need your help!


I plan on taking back what I learn from the conference and sharing it with you guys, so I'm curious to know what you guys are most interested in.  Craft?  Agent panels?  The business of writing?

When I go to conferences, I tend to stick to craft things, but now that I'm hitting the querying stage again, those business related workshops are also appealing.  So I'm torn.

Here's the list of classes in case you want to peruse and help me out.

So you tell me, what do you want to know more about:  queries, agents, pitching, dialogue, building sexual tension, POV, GMC, characterization, high concept, world-building?  I'm not promising that I'll be able to go to all of those, but maybe if there is some burning topic all you guys are curious about, it will help me decide when  I'm trying to pick between two workshops held at the same time.


So which ones do you think I should go to?  How do you decide which ones to choose at a conference?  Do you tend to go for craft, agent/editor panels, or career-related ones?


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