Take A Chance On Me...It's For Charity, People


Alright, today I am up on the auction block over at Crits for Water. I'm offering a 2500 word crit for a manuscript and also a random winner will get a query critique. The genres that qualify are listed as romance and YA since that is where I feel my critting skills are the strongest, BUT I'm open to critting any genre (and have critted across genres for others before) so don't let that stop you.


The charity that benefits from this provides clean water to those who need it. Twenty dollars gives one person clean water for a year, so it's a great cause.

So go bid! I promise to give you a thorough, feel-like-you've-been-to-the-doctor-for-a-physical critique. (If you want examples of how I crit, click here).

I have this abject fear that no one is going to bid on me and I'll end up raising like three bucks for this great charity, lol, so please...if you're in need of a critique and you've liked what I've had to say these two years on the blog, then go check it out. (See? I'm not even above begging. Well, I do write BDSM romance, so I guess it's apropos.)

So if you'd like to alleviate me of my paranoia, GO HERE AND PUT IN A BID.  :)

*Auction ends at midnight EST!

If you're not going to be able to do that, then check out my interview over at Not An Editor where I talk about critiquing, how to hone your critting skills, and what you should always do when you get a crit.

And even if you're not bidding, I'd appreciate any retweets you guys want to bestow on me. :)  *gives you the puss n boots face*