Fill-Me-In Friday: Best Writing Links of the Week


My view at last night's dinner.

Sorry today's post is up very late and that I din't get a chance to comment back on your comments about love scenes this week. I've been on a beach vacation in Florida and had no idea that the hotel wouldn't have wireless internet. Ack. Not good a week before a book release let me tell you. But now I'm back (well, in New Orleans at least) where I have wifi again. Yay.

Hope you all had a great week. Here are the best links I came across (amazing how much blog reading you can get done by phone when you're stuck in a car for hours.).

On Writing/Publishing:

Writing Craft: Mechanics Vs Spark via PubRants

A Freelance Editor Talks About Authors’ “Habits” & Predictable Writing via Kill Zone

Is Reading Fiction . . . Safe? via WordServe Watercooler

4 Writing Crutches that Insult the Reader’s Intelligence via Kristen Lamb

A Quick Look At Tag lines via Pub Rants

25 Things You Should Know About Writing Sex via Chuck Wendig (He goes over a lot of what I cover in my class, only with more expletives.)

Maximizing Our Creativity–The Transformative Power of Q via Kristen Lamb

“Publishing isn’t a Meritocracy, it’s a Casino*” by Kameron Hurley

By the Numbers: Earning Out the Advance on a First Novel | Kameron Hurley

The Essential Guide to (Not) Responding to Critics by Jeff Goins

The Sharp Angle: Knowing When to Let Go


On Social Networking and Marketing:

Best of the Web Book Marketing Tips for the Week of June 25, 2012 via Author Marketing Experts

‘Social’: Over the Top via Writer Unboxed

How Should Writers Handle Facebook Frustrations? via Jody Hedlund

Why I Think Some Authors "Go Hermit" via Michelle Davidson Argyle

Writer Unboxed » 5 Encouraging Reasons To Build Your Writer Platform

Karen Baney » Marketing 101 For Authors

Why I Prefer Social Media Promo to In-Person | Mystery Writing is Murder

Where to Get Photos For Your Blog « Writerland

Writer Unboxed » I Have No More Advice Left to Give


That's all for me. Hope y'all have a good weekend. And remember next week is MELT INTO YOU release week! Woo-hoo!