Fill Me In Friday - Best Writing Links of the Week


Did I miss the train?

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 Had a busy week? Need to catch up on the writing blogosphere? That's what Fill Me In Friday is all about. : )  This is where I gather up the best writing links I've come across this week. Enjoy!


On Writing/Publishing:

If Publicity Doesn’t Sell Books, What Does? « Meghan Ward's Writerland 

Focus Your Story | The Editor's Blog

Goodbye, Google Friend Connect–Now What? | Jami Gold, Paranormal Author

Can Blogging Help Your Writing Process? | Jenny Hansen's Blog

Make Me Stay: Author Blogs | Camryn Rhys

2 Ways to Make the Most of Goodreads | Jane Friedman

Lara Schiffbauer's Motivation for Creation: Blogging Your Naked Passion - Are You Brave Enough?

Are You a Purple Cow? | Author Media <--on standing out

Are Teens Embracing E-books? via Publisher's Weekly

Between Fact and Fiction: 10 Things I Wish I Would Have Done Differently (Natalie Whipple)

25 Things I Want To Say To So-Called “Aspiring” Writers by Chuck Wendig

25 Ways To Unf**k Your Story by Chuck Wendig 


On Romance Writing:

BDSM: A Conversation With Eden Bradley (a.k.a. Eve Berlin)

Oh, You Write THOSE Books – On Writing Romance | Nicole Basaraba (my guest post)


What You May Have Missed Here:

Made of Win Monday: Movies That TRULY Make You LOL



Boyfriend of the Week - Chris Pine



Enough With the Quid Pro Quo Blogging Etiquette - Free Yourself


All right, that's what I've got for the week. What are some of the best links you've seen this week? Hope you all have a great weekend! :)

Fill Me In Friday - Best Writing Links of the Week

Did I miss the train?

Photo by Son of Groucho



Had a busy week? Need to catch up on all the great bloggy stuff you missed? Well, that's what I do here every Friday. : ) Best links served up fresh!

(Sorry, sometimes I have the unfortunate need to sound like a midnight infomercial.)



On Writing and Publishing:

25 Reasons That Writers Are Bug-F**k Nuts - Chuck Wendig (who always manages to make me actually LOL)

7 Free E-Books for Writers | Jane Friedman

Susan Kaye Quinn, Young Adult Author: How Many Book Sales Equals "Success"?

The self-epublishing bubble | Ewan Morrison | Books |

Doubt Demons | GENREALITY

How to Return to Writing After a Long Break | Nathan Bransford, Author

Scrivener: 3 Reasons You Should Use It For Your Book | The Creative Penn

Reader Shaming | Smart Bitches, Trashy Books 

Why I Stopped Looking At The Numbers | SHELLI JOHNSON

Let's Talk About Rejection - Elana Johnson

R-E-S-P-E-C-T isn’t FREE!!! « Kristen Lamb's Blog


On Social Media and Platform Building:

The art of being an introvert creative (forced to cope with social media) | Justine Musk

Maria Zannini: Who's Reading Your Blog?

The Mysterious Facebook Author Page | Katie Ganshert

My Name Is Not Bob: 25 Ways to Increase Blog Traffic

AuthorCulture: Is Your Author Photo Sending the Right Message?

10 Ways to Improve Your “Likability Quotient” « Kristen Lamb's Blog

13 Steps to Being the Worst Blogger on the Planet : @ProBlogger

Why Your Google+ Profile Matters - GalleyCat

Anne R. Allen's Blog: How to Blog Part III: What Should You Blog About?

The Bookshelf Muse: Creating An Author Platform That Sticks

Write Tip: How Not To Use The 9 Free Ways To Market Your Book | Bryan Thomas Sch...


For Gits and Shiggles:

Lady Boner Killer - Autocorrects and Texting Fails:

“Where’s Your Mother?” … and 13 Other Things I Think When My Kid’s Having a Tantrum

Social Media Explained – Possibly by a Dog [Infographic] -

Want A More Intense, Intimate & Fulfilling Sex Life? [EXPERT] | Ande Lyons  <--Proof that reading erotic romance is good for your health. :)


What You May Have Missed Here:


Made of Win Monday: Shows That Bring You Back



Boyfriend of the Week: Jude Law



5 Muse Abusers: How To Protect Your Creative Flow

The Hubs:

So I made the joke that I was answering no more interview questions this month and hubs was taking over the duties. Well, two lovely bloggers took me up on that.  So check out my hubby's first interview at Amy Beth's Blog where somehow air guitars, 600 dollar phone calls, yoga, and Katy Perry are mentioned. Oh, and it's hubs' birthday too, so go give him some comment love. ;) 

All right, that's what I've got from the last two weeks. What are some of your favorite links recently?


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