Friday Reads: An Organizing Book For the Right Brainers & Visual Learners


So at the beginning of the school year, I get that same new year feeling I get when January rolls around, that feeling of a fresh start. And with that usually comes a focus on my two regular challenges: diet/exercise and organizing.

I'm back on track with the diet thing and have even started a private Facebook group called the Healthy Habit Exchange if you want to come join us and share tips and encouragement.

Request an invite here.

But I've also started working on the organizing thing again. Last year I did a big purge in my house when we remodeled, going with the minimalist mentality. So too much stuff isn't my problem this year. However, organizing my schedule and not forgetting things is an ongoing challenge. I've discovered that a lot of my issues come from the fact that I'm a visual person and pretty right-brained. Organizational apps and calendars on my phone are pretty useless for me. Unless I see it right it front of me all spread out and big picture, it's forgotten the minute I type something in. And yes, I can set up reminders but that doesn't help me see the overall view of what my week or month is looking like relative to everything else.

So I've gone to a paper planner and have made it like an art project, which is feeding my creative brain and tricking me into writing everything down because it's fun. Isn't is pretty? This is the

Happy Planner

from Create 365 if you're interested. It's very, very nice and worth every bit of the twenty-five dollars it costs. There are

other designs

besides this one as well.


But while I was poking around on Pinterest for planner stuff, I came across a few articles about how to organize for the ADHD brain. I clicked on them and was like--wow, this is so me. Now, I'm not ADHD. The list of symptoms doesn't fit me. BUT I definitely suffer from hyperfocus, especially when I'm writing, and that means all these other things get forgotten or dropped. And the strategies that work for people with ADHD totally click with how my brain works when it comes to organizing. It was an a-ha moment, honestly.

So with more research, I found this book:

Organizing Solutions for People with ADHD

. It was recommended on a few sites and most said--ignore the fact that it's aimed at those with ADHD, these tips can help a lot of people who have struggled with traditional left-brained organizing techniques.

Those recommendations were right on. I found this book so helpful. And more than once thinking--yes, this! Like, for instance, putting things in nice covered bins or boxes never works for me. Once it's out of sight or under a stack, it's dead to me. I will never remember what's in there and I won't go digging through it. And if things get stored in the back of my pantry, I may as well throw them away. If I can't see them, they no longer exist.

There's a lot more than just putting things in sight in the book. It's a quick read with lots of pictures and a ton of great tips. Some are on the extreme side (like only having one towel per family member), but there's way more good stuff to takeaway than stuff that didn't resonate with me. And it plays into the minimalist mentality as well. So if you're looking for something that's going to tell you how to organize a tone of STUFF, this isn't the right book unless you're willing to purge.

So anyway, though I usually reserve Friday Reads for fiction, I thought I'd pass this along since I know there are a lot of right-brainers (or those with ADHD) out there who maybe could use these tips too. If you're highly left-brained, this book will probably give you hives though. So be warned, lol. 

Check out the book:




So are you left-brained or right-brained? Anyone else in love with their paper planner?

*Note: I have not been asked to endorse any of these products, but the links are affiliate links.

Is This the Writer's Version of Nesting? On Deadlines and Pantries

If you follow me around the interwebs, you probably know I'm right at the end of my deadline with book 5, NEED YOU TONIGHT, which is Kade's book. That means inside my head is all chaos and buzzing and blinking panic buttons.

So what did I do this weekend? Write? You would think. But no, I try not to write on the weekends. I write 6-8 hours a day five days a week. So in order to maintain some semblance of sanity, I reserve weekends for family time, fun stuff, and errands/housework (you know, that pile of...everything that builds up during the week when I'm in crazy writing mode.)

And this weekend I was feeling particularly motivated to organize EVERYTHING. That's usually not my style. No one would ever give me a housekeeping award. But I felt this compulsive need to pull everything out of my pantry and fridge and clean it out. And I realized it's because everything is so crazed and frantic with my writing right now. My inner chaos needed outer order.

I guess I'm nesting but instead of birthing a baby, I'm about to birth another book.

So here's one of my projects from yesterday. 


PANTRY BEFORE: (hmm, kind of looks like how my brain feels right now)


The De-boxification process (like editing except you get to throw stuff on the floor):


PANTRY AFTER (what I hope my book structure looks like when I'm done):

Ahh, that's back to writing.

So am I the only one who starts nesting when it's time to finish a book? Or if you're not a writer, what do you do to center yourself when your feeling chaotic?